Cubert School

Cubert School

Autumn Term Two

Owl's first school trip and we had a blast.
Woodland Valley Farm was an ideal place to visit and Felicity, the farmer's daughter, was a wonderful guide for the day.
We got to walk around the area that the beavers live in and were delighted to have 3 hand reared sheep and pigs follow us around. Unfortunately, we didn't see any beavers as they are nocturnal but we saw plenty of evidence that told us they lived there. (I'm sure the children will be delighted to tell you what they saw). Felicity also told us all about their herd of cows and horses that we saw too.
At lunchtime, we had the pleasure of a visit from the flock of hens and their magnificent cockerel.
After lunch, we helped pick apples for the pigs and had a very fun game of hide and seek in the woods. There were some sleepy children on the way home.


The children had great fun making their own soup this term. We have been looking at seasonal vegetables and finding out what some of them are called. They did some drawings of the vegetables and labelled them independently.
We chopped all of the veg up and put it in the soup maker during lunchtime. We wrote a list of ingredients and looked at how much we used of each vegetable.
In the afternoon, we tasted the soup. Some thought it was delicious and ate more than one bowl full. Others weren't so impressed!🤣



On Remembrance Day, at 11am, we stood in a circle, held hands and observed the 1 minute silence. I explained that millions of people across the country would be doing the same as we all remembered the brave men and women. The children were very respectful and stood quietly for the whole minute.
That afternoon, we walked up to the war memorial and our Star's of the Week laid our wreath for us. The children were amazed at the beautiful poppies that people had made and were proud (as we were too) of their contribution to mark Remembrance Day.


It's been a fab half term where Owl's also found out about planets, day, night and had a great time making their own Alien Spaceships 👽👾.Not only that but we have been finding out about space, astronauts and the first moon landing. The children have had fun making stars, rockets and playing in our space station.


During the last two weeks of term, the children have been full of excitement and festive spirit. They certainly enjoyed the grotto and Christmassy activities that we created for themBy 9am on the first day, we already had gifts being wrapped, cards being drawn and written, lists to Father Christmas, a tree decorated within an inch of its life and the nativity scene being played with.
They really loved it and one even said, 'Please can we never change this. I want it to stay like this forever!' ❤️🎅🎄 Christmas time is the most magical with children.

The children also looked fabulous in their Christmas jumpers and thoroughly enjoyed being waited on during their delicious Christmas lunch. They wore the festive hats that they made this week and savoured the special food.

We also made gingerbread and the children have taken some home to share in case you couldn't join us at our Christmas Carol Cafe. 

Owls Christmas