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Topic fun!

Here are some fun websites to visit for games and activities in lots of different subjects!

Visit the website 'World Geography Games' to test your knowledge & learn all about the World flags, The Continents, Oceans, Capital cities, Volcanoes, Deserts and so much more!

 World Geography Games


The British Heritage website has some awesome games and activities for you to check out including Historical makes & bakes, things to make and do, history timelines and colouring sheets, videos and quizzes!

Click here for the kids area:

English Heritage kids area!

Here are some other links for your Year group to learn more about History:

Year 6 - Life in a World War 

Growing up in the Second World War

Year 5 - Who were the Ancient Greeks?

Who were the Ancient Greeks?

Year 4 - The Anglo-Saxons

Bitesize Anglo-Saxons

Year 3 - The Romans

Bitesize The Romans