Cubert School

Cubert School

Science week

This year for Science week, we were partly at home completing remote-learning and then returned to school! 

One of our home learning challenges involved thinking about the properties of materials and planning the best method for stretching Curly Wurlys. The longest ones in our school were over 2m!

 We also made balloon rockets and timed how long it took them to travel 8m. We then thought of ways to improve the design and reduce the speed. Some people tested different string too, to see how that changed the speed.

 We designed and planned innovations. This is an innovation being brought to life (in Minecraft!). It is a hot chocolate making device.

This innovation is a solar powered bird feeder, which attracts the birds using bird calls.

 We interviewed a coral reef Scientist in Fiji and a microbiologist in Berlin. We wrote the questions and they answered them. We learnt loads about protecting corals and the uses of fungi! 


Our question: How does washing your hands help to stop germs spreading? We set up an investigation to find out! The results were mixed for the bread: further research was required!