Cubert School

Cubert School

Skylarks Class paintings inspired by John Dyer

For our 'Cornwall Our Home' topic, we looked at paintings by the local artist, John Dyer.

We looked at lots of different paintings but found one called, 'Sea Holly and Skylarks' so we thought that this would be perfect for us to try to re-create.

'Sea Holly and Skylarks' by John Dyer

First we split our page up into quarters so that we could sketch the sky, sea, sand dunes and flowers. Then we began painting each section separately, starting from the top so that we didn't smudge our work. We mixed the colours ourselves to make sandy colours and different hues of blue for the sea and sky. 

Below are photographs of our completed paintings. We hope you like them!


 Here are our finished displays complete with John Dyer style seagulls!