Cubert School

Cubert School

Spring Term 1

chinese new year 23


We started our term by celebrating Chinese New Year. The children located China on a globe, found out traditions for this special time for this culture and realised that some are similar to our celebrations too. They have completed a dragon for their dragon dance and very much enjoyed trying noodles and prawn crackers. Some even tried using chopsticks (with varying levels of success). The children found out about the 12 animals that each year is named after and should be able to tell you the story behind it. We have made beautiful cherry blossom trees just like they have in China during Spring.


We moved onto our theme of castles, dragons and princesses after Chinese New Year. The children designed dresses and shields, role played and made up stories using our small world castles and Barbie tower. Many of the class decided to create a puppet show using the Prince, Princesses and Knights they've made. We loved sitting down to watch their show!


Zoo trip


The last day of term was celebrated by visiting Newquay Zoo. A smashing day out was had by all!  The children behaved impeccably and we were very proud of them. They showed interest in all the animals we saw and Rhian, the zoo keeper who gave us the talk about the penguins, was amazed by the children's knowledge. They learned to use new words, such as endangered and habitat, correctly and were rather sad to see that so many animals were close to extinction.