Cubert School

Cubert School


 Summer Term 1

How did it get to Summer Term already?!
The children kicked it off with a fun week learning about different types of vegetables, how to make salads, memory games, creating a story map for Oliver's Vegetables.

We moved onto enjoying everything 'super'! Supertato, super-veg, superheroes and super work too!! The children made some fantastic super-veg and then did some great writing about them using adjectives. We taught the children what a speech bubble is and they wrote their own for the Supertato book. We also finished planting our own potatoes and look forward to seeing them grow and thinking of ways to enjoy eating them.

Owl's class loved celebrating the King's Coronation and were really interested in finding out all there is to know about it as well as learning about King Charles III. They made bunting, crowns, bangles, sceptres and orbs, recreated processions, wrote letters to the King as well as making and decorating cakes for the celebrations we held on Friday.
Alongside this, we have been in awe of how much our caterpillars have grown and updated their individual books with the changes they see in them.


Owl's continued to have fun this term in the rain and sun! We found out so many interesting facts about worms as we had Superworm as our book of the week and even made our own wriggly worms. The children embedded their knowledge of life cycles and metamorphosis by learning more about caterpillars and the stages they go through to become butterflies. We had fun with symmetry too, making butterfly wings.

Yet another week full of fun learning. Handa's Surprise is a theme that lends itself to a variety of activities. The children have found out about the continent of Africa; it's main habitats of desert, rainforest and savannah and what they are like as well as the animals that live there. We focused mostly on the savannah as that is the setting of Handa's Surprise. The children enjoyed tasting different types of fruit and came up with some incredible adjectives to describe them eg 'refreshing', 'slimy', 'crunchy' and 'juicy'. Later on in the week, we made fruit kebabs and created a video with instructions on how to make them. The children thought of great time connectives to join their instructions together and had super fun making and eating their kebabs. They then enjoyed taking the opportunity to make more at our Fruit Kebab Station during busy learning. Other fun activities included making traditional African neck and head pieces as well as using our small world Savannah and Zoo areas.