Cubert School

Cubert School

Summer Term 2

Here is the overview for Summer Term 2:


Our Summer Term 2 kicked off with the topic of People Who Help Us and we welcomed many visitors to our school to help us learn plenty of important and interesting facts.

PC Hardwick and PC Merrikin were the first to come to see us. The children thought of great questions and super answers. They behaved impeccably and it was a delight to see the excitement on their faces. They got to sit in the cell in the back of the van, try on a variety of police headwear and had their fingerprints taken. 




Next up was Firefighter Clemow and the rest of Orange Watch who kindly talked to the children about smoke alarms, who to call, what to do and we got to sit inside the fire engine as well. It was very exciting to see the Thermal Imaging Camera and the Breathing Apparatus along with using the backpack sprayer, too. We learned to 'stop, drop and roll' as well as the importance of smoke alarms. (Please note that if you don't have a working smoke alarm, that the fire service will come and fit one in your home for free.)
Aside from our visitors, we have made police badges, programmed beebots to get to emergency situations, role played and found out more about People Who Help Us. The children didn't realise how many jobs there are where people help us out.



Our third visit was from Mrs Whitehouse who is a dentist. We learnt how to look after our teeth and that baby teeth are called deciduous. This was very timely as some children in Owl's have wobbly teeth! Mrs Whitehouse showed us how to brush our teeth and how much sugar can be found in different foods, we were very surprised by some of them!

Our last Emergency Service visit was from two lovely paramedics called Chelsea and Bart from Lifestyle Medical. They were so informative and taught the children the basics of CPR and gave them a certificate for their participation. Owl's class also got to look inside the ambulance, sit in the driver's seat, try on the helmets and check their heart rate and oxygen stats. They asked super questions and behaved brilliantly.
Enjoy the video (see if you can get my pun in the title!) 



We ended our topic on a high by baking 'Thank you' biscuits for those that help us at home. 
This week we linked our topic of People Who Help Us with our new theme of 'I do like to be beside the seaside'.
Owl's class found out about the RNLI and lifeboats. It has been lovely to see the role play inspired by this learning. The children made beach safety posters to raise awareness of where to bathe and how to keep yourself safe.

Through our new theme of 'I do like to be beside the seaside' the children have found out about the seaside past and present, lighthouses and they have written postcards too. Along with this they have talked about holiday destinations, found out about what is so special about Cornwall and added Cornwall specials features to a map of our county.

We were lucky to have a visit from Hayley, who works for Climate Care. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to build on their knowledge from our Winter Wonderland and Handa's Surprise topics. They recalled so many facts about Antarctica, the Arctic and Africa - we were super proud. They found out what they can do to help care for our climate and were delighted when they realised that they already do so much, eg: recycling, reusing, picking up rubbish, turning off electrical items when not using them and growing our own flowers/vegetables. We finished by drawing fish that may end up in the seas around Cornwall if the water continues to get warmer. We are looking to link Hayley's visit in with an aspect of our topic looking at 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' and how this can help our oceans and all that lives in it.

As we come towards the end of the year, we celebrated with a Tea Party. Owl's class made their own fruit ice lollies, pizzas (including making the dough from scratch),  and got to watch a movie and having lots of fun playing plenty of games, topping our pizza bases🍕, eating and dancing 🕺.