Cubert School

Cubert School

The Thrive Approach at Cubert School


As a Thrive School we support and encourage the development of confident, curious, creative and capable children and we help to develop their skills and understanding of how to deal with life's little ups and downs.

Thrive has been developed over the last 25 years and provides us with the tools and training to help support the social and emotional development of the children we are working with.

The Thrive Approach is underpinned by a theoretical base in Child Development Theory and Attachment Theory.

The understanding is that all children's behaviour is a form of communication and a way of expressing their underlying feelings.

These behaviours are recognised and the needs of the children are met allowing them to flourish and learn.

This is achieved by completing an online assessment either as an individual profile or group profile. After completing a group profile there will be an indication of which children may need to be profiled individually.

It then provides targeted strategies and activities to meet the needs of the children and enables us to measure progress over time.

If an individual profile is required we work alongside parents and we are able to offer strategies and activities to be carried out at home that will mirror the activities being done in school.