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Cubert School

What Owl's got up to!

As we have been reading the story The Little Red Hen, Owl's class made some bread today and as we are learning about Autumn, we made it in the shape of hedgehogs.
The children made the dough together and then we let it rise. They were amazed by how big it got. They then made their hedgehog shapes and we let them rise again.
Finally, they snipped some spines on their hedgehogs and added eyes before they were baked. We also made some extra dough to make some bread rolls that we could eat in class. They were so keen to take their hedgehogs home that we didn't dare eat them!
They really enjoyed eating the bread and said it was 'warm, 'fluffy' and 'very, very tasty!'
We used some special vocabulary such as; dissolve, knead, rise as well as finding out why we put sugar in it (not to make it sweet but for the yeast to eat and make the bubbles - making it rise).

Owl's bread making

Toast Fridays and Owl Babies.

Owl's have been very creative this week. We have had the story Owl Babies as our focus and the children have found out lots of information all about Owls. They know about the life cycle of a Barn Owl and also where Tawny Owl's live. See if they can tell you about Owl call too as they might know more than you!😉 The children did some observational drawings of woodland creatures and also tried writing about Owl Babies.

We started something new today which will happen every Friday from now on. We have 'Toast Fridays!' The Stars of the Week are the waiter/waitresses and take the orders from their friends and then serve them. (Adults are in charge of the toaster so they're not involved in anything where they can burn or hurt themselves.) Once they have their toast, the children are responsible for buttering and spreading jam on their own toast and for putting their used plates into the washing up bowl. It was a huge success and we are looking forward to next week!

Toast Fridays




As part of our Autumn topic, we looked at Andy Goldsworthy and found out how he uses nature to create beautiful works of art. We did an Autumn walk around our school and collected lot of amazing natural things. We used these to make our own pieces of art with Andy Goldsworthy as our inspiration. We think they are brilliant!