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Year 6 is an important year in the life of a pupil in their primary school.  It is the culmination of their time in the school - a journey, for most of the pupils, which has seen them develop from being an Owl at the start of their educational path to becoming one of the oldest pupils in the school.

Mention Year 6 to most people and they will instantly associate this with SATs.  The End of Key Stage 2 assessments (SATs), although important, are just one piece of evidence used to make a judgement as to the standards pupils are working at.  Little mention will be made of the tests in the first term of Year 6.  After Christmas, pupils will start to take a small number of previous papers in order to rehearse the speed at which they will be expected to work, understand the types of questions that will be asked and identify the appropriate way in which to answer these.  It is just as important going through the papers afterwards as it is taking the paper in the first place.  The SATs will be taken in May (during the week beginning 13th May 2024).

One of my main roles as a class teacher in Year 6 is to find the balance between making sure pupils feel confident and well prepared for their end of year tests whilst continuing to develop the pupils' love of learning through a broad and balanced curriculum.

Year 6 is an key year in which pupils are given additional whole-school responsibilities, for example helping the new pupils in Owls to settle into Cubert, helping in the office and being ambassadors for the school.

Throughout the year we look at building self-esteem, confidence and independence in order to prepare pupils for the next stage of their education in their secondary school.  Towards the end of the year, we work on transition programmes of work, which are started in Cubert and completed at Newquay Tretherras or Treviglas School.  In addition, pupils attend secondary transition events.

Put all this together with the end of year celebrations and and involvement in whole school activities throughout the year and you can see that the final year is always busy and planned to provide pupils with many happy lasting memories of their time at Cubert School.

I am very fortunate to work alongside Miss Blacher who works hard to support the pupils in their learning.

And on top of this, we enjoy some of the finest views of any Cornish classroom.

Please explore the rest of the pages in our section of the website to find out more of what takes place in Curlews.  Our Class Blog will feature examples of the work that has been done - please leave a comment to encourage the pupils - they love to know that someone has seen their work!

PE kit will be needed on Wednesdays and Fridays

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr S Simmons, Curlews Class Teacher