Cubert School

Cubert School

Swallows - Year 4


Welcome to Swallows                                                            

Our Class teacher is Mr Hyde and our teaching assistant is Jo O'Neill.

Our classroom is a busy learning environment so to help keep us all organised I have listed some of the main requirements and expectations for the class.

We love art, sport, being outside and having a fun time with our learning in Swallows class.  Keep an eye on Class Dojo for some of the things we get up to! 

Reading In Year 4 I expect all pupils to be reading at least five times a week.  There will be a Reading Record coming home so that this can be recorded. Pupils should be reading age appropriate books which challenge and stimulate them.  If you would like any advice please just ask!

Spellings These will be given out every FRIDAY to be tested the following week.  Please take the time to learn and go through the spellings with children at home as they are an important part of building literacy skills and vocabulary.  We may set some tasks on Literacy planet (an app) which can be accessed at home.  The log in information is attached to the top of this letter and it will be clearly indicated on homework if there is a literacy planet task.

 Times tables As of last year, all Year 4 Pupils will take part in the Mandatory Multiplication Test in July, this is a 25 question test which will be completed on an ipad.  It is expected that all pupils know their tables up to 12 x12, in order, out of order and with associated division facts by the end of the year.  We use Times Tables Rockstars (an app) in school which is excellent for developing skills and has the dual benefit of looking almost identical to the Mandatory Test so pupils are very well prepared.  Attached to this letter is the log in information for your child if you would like to use this application at home too.  I believe it is available on most platforms.  Any questions please get in touch.

 Homework This will be sent home on a FRIDAY and collected in the following WEDNESDAY.  I do expect that everyone completes homework if there are any problems please see me before the hand in date.

 PE  It is essential that all pupils are taking part in PE regularly and this will require a full PE Kit.  I suggest that their kit is brought into school on a Monday and taken home to be washed on a Friday.  Our PE days will be MONDAY and WEDNESDAY.  If there is a problem with PE kit please come and speak to the office.

 If you have any worries or concerns please contact me through Class Dojo or call the office to arrange a meeting.